MAN Nuoro 

The Women Futurists. 1912-1944 

Curated by Chiara Gatti and Raffaella Resch.

Following the projects on German Expressionism and couples in the Russian Avant-Garde, the MAN is pleased to present "Flight and Light. The Women Futurists. 1912-1944”, an exhibition dedicated to Futurism and women. This concludes the trilogy of exhibitions with a unique approach created under the artistic direction of Lorenzo Giusti that focuses on the movements of the historical avant-garde. 

The exhibition provides, with more than one hundred works of painting, sculpture, papers, textiles, theatrical maquettes and objects of applied art, a comprehensive vision of the women who worked from the 1910s to the 1940s, who signed the theoretical manifestos of Futurism, participated in the exhibitions, experimented with innovations in styles and materials in different branches such as the decorative arts, set design, photography and cinema, but also dance, literature and theatre. They were independent figures, artists and intellectuals, in the forefront of aesthetic research at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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Service Video Installations

Client MAN Nuoro

Year 2018