MUDEC Milan 

Paul Klee. Alle origine dell'arte 

The exhibition Paul Klee. Alle origini dell’arte (Paul Klee. At the Origins of Art), curated by Michele Dantini and Raffaella Resch, will be hosted by the MUDEC in Milan from 31 October 2018. It features a wide selection of Klee's works on the theme of “primitivism” and offers an original reassessment of this concept, which in Klee embraces pre-classical periods of Western art (like that of Pharaonic Egypt); epochs previously considered "barbaric" or decadent, such as those of Late Antique, Early Christian, Coptic and early medieval art; and lastly African, Oceanic and Amerindian art.

Klee is thus presented not only through his abstract and polychrome works that are so popular with the general public, but also through his less well-known caricatural pieces. They are complemented by targeted research on sources, iconographic and formal repertoires and textual documents that reveals the artist's complex cultural background, the vastness of his output and the wide range of techniques he adopted.

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Service Video Installations

Client Gruppo 24Ore

Year 2018